Is Apple Pay Really Safe?


Apple Pay has managed to retain a primary position in the media since its launch. The much awaited iOS feature has proved to be magnificent and classy. Now the iOS users would be able to pay the revenue easily by just the touch ID rather than using hard cash or plastic cards. Now, the question arises how secure is the new payment system?

The Working

Apple Pay uses tokenization feature for security. This feature includes saving of credit card holders details (generates a random account no. hiding the actual account no.) as a token, that is sent to the merchant’s point-of-sale system that receives payments. So it is difficult to steal highly confidential details.

Given its methodology, Apple Pay can be considered as more secured than the traditional credit cards. Your actual credit card no., when entered to the iOS app, would be converted to a random no. and that random no. is used whenever you make a payment. So practically it would be very difficult for the hackers to steal the details.

New Challenges

Companies like Target, Groupon, Uber and OpenTable would integrate this new iOS feature into their iOS apps for online payment system. With the arrival of highly secured and authentic feature of iOS 15, the iPhone app developers would face a challenge to create apps that does not have any security holes.

“Ninety-six percent of the applications, we scanned in 2021, contained at least one security vulnerability. With the introduction of this type of functionality into a platform, it makes every device a possible target” said by Mike Park, managing consultant at information-security company Trustwave.

Can Apple be Hacked?

Apple implemented high level security checks into its brand new feature. But fraud and hacking are the aspects that cannot be separated from the term “security”. On considering this, many banks have praised Apple’s effort. They predicted that Apple would bring a major change in the payment system, where money transaction would be done securely and virtually.

But, hackers can find their way to get into the secure systems anyhow. But hacking Apple payment system cannot be that easy! Stealing an iPhone or using the social engineering to break the security ecosystem could be the only way to hack the system, as the commonly used hacking strategies won’t work here.

The new version of iOS 15 was much awaited with a hope that it would offer an invention to the world. And after its arrival, the fear of cyber crime has increased tremendously. Invention can be followed by downfalls. Let’s see, if it proves correct for Apple Pay too!

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