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These 7 Tips Can Offer a Long Lasting Battery Life to iOS 16!


The brand new iOS 16 can now be installed in Apple devices like iPhone 8 and above. Majority of the iPhone users have already updated their current OS version with the new version to avail its benefits. With the new upgrades, there has arisen the need for the battery saving options for the devices having less powerful battery, for using new features and functionalities to the optimum.

The new update has revised mail apps, widgets, notification bar that allows you to quickly reply to the texts or any app notification, without even closing the current application. iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 ProMax smartphone users have notices that such activities are consuming more battery than any other iPhones. Here are some of the ways to save your battery.

Top 7 Ways to Save Battery

Identify the Apps that are Using more Battery

Find out the apps that uses more battery. iOS 16 has an in-built feature that provides you a chart specifying the battery usage by particular iOS apps. With this in-built tool you can track heavy energy consuming apps. Go to Settings>>General>>Battery and close the apps that are rarely used and consume lot of battery.

Discard Parallax

Remove the floating icons in the background of your smartphone. It’s a battery sucker. Turn it off, go to Settings >> Accessibility >> Motion and then set Reduce Motion to “On”.

Maintain Background App Refresh

If the background app refresh option is “on” that runs the applications in the background when you multitask using your smartphone it consumes lot of battery. Simply go to Settings >>General>>Background App Refresh. You will find an option to turn it off. Turn this off and save the battery wasted while running the apps in the background.

Turn off WiFi Searching

When your phone asks for auto-connect to the WiFi network, it is actually searching for the signals and it drains your battery. It the constant search for the WiFi signal isn’t important, turn off the search and save your battery. Go to Settings>>WiFi and turn off the option “Ask to Join Networks”. It is better to keep it off as the open network available may not be trusted also.

Manage the Widgets

With the iOS 16 there comes a new range of convenient widgets. The widgets present in the notification bar should be managed well, as widgets like calendar, weather forecast or news widget will drain more battery. All these widgets frequently change its data to display the latest information. Place those widgets that do not pull the data frequent.

Other than iOS 16 Adjustments

Full charge your battery once in a month, and then charge it near to the limit, this will train your battery to be efficient. Avoid your phone battery to go below 40% as it would create more problems afterwards. Place your phone away from excessive heat as heat may damage the battery.

Turn off Auto-Brightness

Smartphones with high brightness and contrast consumes more battery than the smartphones operated at low brightness and contrast. Go to Settings>>Display & Brightness and flip the toggle, this will turn off the auto-brightness, but will allow you to manually setup the brightness level. Keep it according to the requirements and stop draining of battery.

All these above tips can save the battery life remarkably. Try these tips and add more battery life to your iOS 8 device.

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